Treks & Hikes are graded for Endurance, Difficulty & Risk factor as follows:

  • Endurance: Stamina required to complete the trek in a reasonably good condition.
    A 6-point scale divided as follows-

ONE: No substantial elevation gain/distance covered. eg- Sea/Land forts
TWO: Short climbs with scope for breaks. eg- Karnala Fort trek.
THREE: Prolonged climbing with scope for breaks. eg- Vikatgad fort trek.
FOUR: Considerable elevation gain on a continuous basis/ Long distance treks with some climbing. eg- Visapur Via Bhaje caves with Lohgad in a single day.
FIVE: Range treks eg- Alang- Kulang- Madan.
SIX: Trans-range treks- combining two or more range treks.

  • Difficulty (Level of skill required to complete the trek safely): A 6 point scale divided as follows-

Easiest: No specific skill required. Kids can be taken along for these. eg- Sea forts.
Easy: Simple climbing. eg- Matheran (Sunset point) via Dodhani.
Medium: Rock patches & exposed paths. eg- Matheran via Garbett point (ascent from Bhivpuri road).
Tough: Exposed Rock patches and scree slopes. Some Rock climbing skill preferable. Ropes could be taken for safety. eg- Harishchandragad Via Junnar Darwaza.
Very Tough: Extremely Exposed Patches and Rock climbing skill prerequisite. eg- Alang-Madan-Kulang Trek.
Technical: Pinnacle climbing. eg- Lingana Pinnacle.

  • Risk Factor (an indicator of exposed patches and places where the natural formation poses a risk to safety of the climber unless dealt with care): A three point scale divided as follows-

Low: Negligible chance of injury/ No known fatal incident.
Medium: Exposed paths/ Rock patches/Scree slopes. Trek with utmost care.
High: Treks where fatal incidents have been documented in the past. Recommended only  for experienced trekkers.

Seasoned Trekkers no doubt find a different high even in the most mundane of treks but newbies and/ or beginners are recommended to stick to easier treks so as not to get dissuaded from future adventures. Trust me, Sahyadri has a way with people. A couple of treks and You are hooked for life!

Please bear in mind that this is a subjective evaluation and varying weather conditions along with the physical fitness of the Trekker can have a bearing on how difficult a trek feels like.

NOTE:The information provided in this post is for informational purposes only. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore, strictly at your own risk.

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