Useful Links

For more information about Treks, Forts and Hikes near Mumbai, check out the followings blogs & websites!

Trekshitiz website.
Durg Bharari (Marathi website)
Yash Gaikwad’s blog.
Aashish Chawla’s Trekking blog.
Ashutosh Bijoor’s blog
Shrikant Shimpi’s blogs- 1 & 2.
Shridhar Purandare’s blog.
Yogesh Unavane’s blog.
Deovrat Phal’s blog.
Praphulla Parab’s Adventure blog.
Shraddha Mehta’s blog to help the people plan their travels and outings.

This is another Informative Youtube channel for videos of Treks near Mumbai.

I ‘ll keep adding links that I believe ‘ll help you in journey through the Sahyadris.
So keep checking this page!


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